Day 24 — Whatever tickles my fancy

An observation today.
Me and Stephen and Bronwen took Wyatt to the local park for a play. He was initially happy to play, but then seemed to get a bit worried about how high up the play equipment was.
So then we decided to give him a swing instead. They had the baby swings that have straps to hold the child in. As soon as we lifted him up he started getting upset, and then when we put him in the swing seat, he started out-and-out crying. He was even puffing and wimpering. He was actually scared.
It probably didn’t help that for some reason I found this reaction to be both cute and funny, so was giggling so hard that I had trouble getting him untangled and out of the swing.
So he got out and down and wandered off across the park lawn by himself, and lay down in the grass to recover.
He’s a strange boy sometimes, my dear wee Wyatt.
And I find Wyatt’s reaction especially startling because his father was a total daredevil. He was a climber before he could walk, and never seemed to fear anything. The child gave me many heart stopping moments over the years, but I got used to it.
Father and son might be alike in a lot of ways, but I don’t think thrillseeking behaviour is one of them.

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