Day 28 — This year, in great detail

Well, alrighty then! We are doing the summary thing again, if that’s okay with you.

May 2009-April 2010: The highlights

May was a good month. Stephen and I met in March, and by May we were firmly ensconced in coupledom and loving every minute of it. He was officially living with Mum and Dad, but spent most of his nights at my place.

June, well that was an even better month! Stephen, Bronwen, Megan and I all moved into our place together.

July in which we went to Auckland to visit my brother, got a load of free firewood (wootwoot) and the phone technician stole Stephen’s playstation games *sadface*.

August was a month of snuggling in front of the fire on our new two-person beanbag and lots of watching Star Trek: Enterprise.

September is springtime! Unfortunately it was also the month of the road trip to Dunedin for Megan, Antony, Grace, Wyatt and I to say goodbye to Simon who died on the 10th.

October Bronwen’s birthday! She turned 9, the party was epic.

November, oh well now, speaking of epic parties…this was the month that Antony turned 21. There was a yard glass, and many family and friends, a great night. Also, Wyatt turned one and Stephen and I turned a year older. I got Rockband for my birthday, heck yeah!

December merry xmas everyone! Celebrated in style at Paul and Angeline’s with all the Frayles. Really awesome.

January is the month that my little girl turned 18. Here I am, in 2010, with two adult children and a one-year-old grandchild. Life doesn’t get any better than this. Also, Stephen, Bronwen and I went to Nelson for a holiday.

February Megan started polytech, I was officially promoted off the front desk at work. We christened Paul and Angeline’s deck to celebrate her birthday. It was the month of graveyards…dead-relative-tracking.

March just when I thought life couldn’t get any better, Stephen asked me to marry him! I got a diamond ring! Planning ensued.

April see Day 27 – This month, in great detail

Omgosh, what a whirlwind! My life has changed so much in the last year – I’ve gone from being a single girl living alone to an engaged woman with a gaggle of children. And I love it.

2 thoughts on “Day 28 — This year, in great detail

  1. Mama Bear May 6, 2010 / 12:44 AM

    And we love it too!! You both deserve all the happiness you are experiencing, It makes our family complete. xxx

  2. Becca May 6, 2010 / 11:46 AM

    You will have scientists coming out to study your family – a gaggle of Frompsons!

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