We have carpet!

After two weeks of camping in our house with concrete floors and minimal furniture, we have carpet, vinyl and all our stuff out of storage.

It’s amazing how much difference it makes to have carpet. Our house is starting to feel like our home.┬áIt’s cosy.

It was quite good to have partially moved in already, since the big jobs – unpacking the kitchen and setting up the bedrooms – were already done. We’ve put most of the other stuff in the garage and will unpack in earnest next weekend. It’s a long weekend so we can take our time about it. Of course the downside of taking our time moving is that we’ve been in moving mode for almost three weeks now, and I think we are all a bit over it.

Our sumptuous living room

The one where we move in

It’s been a long road, but here we are, finally in our lovely little nana house. We wanted this house as soon as we saw it. It has so much potential. It’s been well cared for, but needs an update – paint, carpets, light fittings, drapes, gardens. We have so many plans for the place I can hardly contain my excitement. I want to do everything right now, but I also want to take our time and savour the transformation at the same time.

The house isn’t without issues. There are cracks in the exterior brickwork that will require fairly major repair. The en suite bathroom has a broken waste-water pipe, making it unusable. There is a large crack in the concrete floor running the width of the house across the two main bedrooms. There are numerous hairline cracks in the concrete floor all over the house. There is no carpet, due to flooding from the broken waste pipe. And let’s not even talk about the fact that we found out today that our sewer system is not working, so we can’t flush. We’ve been given a chemical toilet, and there are portaloos in the street.

But these are all solvable problems, given enough time and energy and money – things we have in abundance. I feel very lucky to have my own little nest to share with my beloved Frompsons.