Done and dusted

Another year of roller derby finished last night with our DED Arrrwards night (pirate themed). It’s been an amazing year. I have learned so much more about how to play the game, and have really enjoyed collecting new skills. Running line ups with the All Stars has been stressful but so interesting – it’s like sitting an exam (takes all my brain!) but without the quiet room to sit in.

It’s also been a very challenging year in terms of developing my skating skills. I can skate passably well, but have struggled to get to the skill level required to be on a competitive travel team. I’m not fast and I’m not agile – I’m working hard on these but progress has been slow and I find that so frustrating! I know what my feet should be doing, but I just can’t make them move fast enough, in the right direction, at the right time.

Its funny, but I have played ice hockey for 5 years now, and it has never bothered me that I am not really that good. I go out there every week and have a great time – win or lose. I just enjoy being part of the team and slowly building my skills. But with derby, it’s so much more intense. I feel like I let my team down every time I don’t quite nail a skill (or opposition skater!).

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about whether I want to continue as a skater. I love to skate, and I love the league, but it’s a big commitment (3 x 2 hour training sessions a week) and my slow progress is disheartening. So this summer, like last, my goal is to skate as often as I can, and to push myself to try new things that will help with my agility and speed.

And polish my trophy …


Nick and Rach get hitched

Back in the day when Twitter was new and Facebook barely existed, people would tell me that my internet friends were not real. If I hadn’t met them in person, then how could we be proper friends? I have friends from all over the world, some of whom I’ve met and some I probably never will.

But that’s not the main point of this blog. What I wanted to say is that two of my very dearest Twitter friends got married on the weekend – to each other. A bunch of us met on Twitter after the earthquakes, and what started out as chatting on the internet quickly turned into meet-ups in ‘real’ life with an awesome bunch of weird and wonderful people. These are people that I would probably not encounter in my everyday life, so I thank Twitter for the opportunity to get to know them. And last Saturday, we got together to celebrate Rachel and Nick’s nuptials. It was a fab day.