Apple Watch, finally!

The Apple Watch was released in the US and other countries in April this year, but not New Zealand! We’ve had to wait three months for Apple to make enough of them to start selling them here. Finally that day has arrived and Stephen and I queued online at 7am to buy one each. It should be here next Wednesday, I can hardly wait!!


Still travelling…

Last time I checked in I was almost finished a 12-week job┬áthat involved me being in Auckland two days a week. So, over a month later, and I am still travelling, now 2-3 days a week depending on meetings. This week was the first week that I really didn’t feel like going – two days away this time. It’s been quite fun – I’m mostly only away one night a week, and it’s great to get out of Christchurch. This week I am flying home to be picked up at the airport to go straight to Tekapo for the weekend. It makes for a long week!

Next week will be another 3-dayer, then I have a 2-dayer, a 4-dayer, another 2-dayer and then I’m DONE! For now anyway. The timetable can’t change this time, because after that I’ll be in Europe for a month, wahooo!