I love hotels

There is some profoundly luxurious about the crisp white sheets, the fluffy white towels, movies on demand, room service. To me, the money I spend on a good hotel when traveling is totally worth it.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve stayed in my share of bad hotels. Baaad hotels. One in Inglewood, CA, I chose not to leave unless it was in a taxi – I was a bit scared of my less-than-salubrious neighbours hanging around on the street outside. So now I stay at the Marriott when visiting LA.
Sometimes it can be fun to stay in low-cost places. Staying at backpacker hostels is fun. You can meet interesting people and they tend to have better cooking facilities and free Internet.
But in general, I’m over sharing bathrooms and small dank rooms. Part of the pleasure of traveling for me is the sense of anticipation I feel sliding the keycard in the door, eager to see what’s behind it. After a long day of adventuring there is nothing better than kicking my shoes off and collapsing on a huge comfy bed.
And for a day or two I get to live another kind of life in that room, where I have a maid and cook on call and I never have to do the dishes. It’s the best, and I’m experiencing it right now. Bliss.

3 thoughts on “I love hotels

  1. Mama Bear July 26, 2010 / 11:21 PM

    Totally agree!! When you are young roughing it is fun but as you get older you appreciate and enjoy the luxuries in life, especially when travelling. Love the adventure of staying in different hotels or resorts – the good things in life are to be savored – like those lovely clean crisply ironed sheets and the chocolate placed on the pillow at night – oh yes – such spoils. A girl gets to like all that!!

  2. Carolyn July 27, 2010 / 4:26 PM

    When I went to nyc a friend and I stayed in a backpackers which was small and we were in a room of 4 people it was really great, everyone was friendly. I like the atmosphere of a backpackers and I like the idea of the single or small occupancy rooms. On the other hand last year my family and I stayed in the Windsor in Melbourne which is a fancy pants hotel. They had a pillow menu and when we ordered ice it was delivered by a man in a suit with tails. It was the bestest.

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