Queenstown getaway

We’ve come to Queenstown for a wee break this weekend. The idea was that we both worked over the Christmas break (I had a few days off, Stephen only the stats) and then take a long weekend once the Christmas / New Year crowd had passed. It was a great idea! It’s quiet in Queenstown, but not too quiet – we still have plenty of people to watch (one of our favourite pastimes).

Having a holiday now also breaks up the time until we go on our honeymoon to the UK. Its now only 7 weeks until we go, and it’s been a lovely little treat to help pass the time.

We’ve done very little here. Often our holidays are action-packed – there is always so much to see and do! But this break has been very laid back. All we’ve really done is hang out at that hotel, ate and drunk coffee at a whole range of cafes, and wander around looking at everything. We did stumble upon the gondola and luge yesterday, so we gave that a whirl. Fun!

And now we are sitting in the Koru Lounge waiting for our flight home – back to reality. It’s going to be a very busy few weeks before we go away, and I feel very grateful that we can take these mini-breaks here and there when we get the chance.