We rolled through Queenstown a couple of years ago, and it was the first time I’d been here since the 1980s. It seemed like a soulless place. I’ve been back a few times since, and it’s growing on me.

It certainly is a strange place, made up almost entirely of cafes, bars, restaurants and tourist shops. I’ve only ever been here in winter before, when the place is thick with skiers and adventurers. This time of the year it’s full of hot young things trying with all their might to pretend they are laying on the shores of a tropical beach. In reality, the lake is freezing and I’m not game enough for anything more than a paddle.

I’ve had a really lovely weekend here though. Considering Queenstown’s reputation as the adventure capital of New Zealand, it has a really laid-back vibe.

We’ve had a great time just lazing around in the sun and going for walks. It’s magnificent!

Hallo 2013

I’ve been cogitating about this post for a while…I always spend some time in January thinking about what I want to achieve in the year to come. It seems that the older I get, the harder it is to set goals for myself – I have achieved most of the big life-goals that I set for myself in my 20s. Now I’m just picking luxury goals really. Anyway, here it is, my year ahead:

I want to pass roller derby freshmeat and join the Dead End Derby league. I started doing the roller derby training last year just to keep Megan company, but I’ve decided I love it! I’m not the fastest or the toughest, but I’m doing okay for a former couch potato that only strapped on roller skates for the first time 6 months ago.

I’m looking forward to lots of little family getaways and some romantic mini-breaks. In my sights for this year are Tekapo and Queenstown in winter, Rarotonga to break up the winter, and Auckland to see my nieces and nephew.

I’d like to see a new roller skating rink getting underway somewhere in Christchurch. This is a pretty ambitious goal. I’ve never done anything like this before, and people more knowledgeable than me have not managed it yet. But I’ll give it my all and see what comes of it.

And you know what…I’ve scoured my brain and I can’t come up with anything else! I’m looking forward to a year of hard work in my job which I love (almost) everyday, fun times with my favourite people, meeting new friends, lots of good food, laughs and kicking back.

If I get the the end of 2013 having achieved all this, it will have been a mighty fine year indeed.