Never give up

A long time ago I made a commitment to myself to try and do some kind exercise every day.

Some days, it’s easy. Other days, like today when I’m tired and still sore from yesterday’s session, it’s hard.

And on these days, when I debate in my head “will I, won’t I, go to the gym”, getting there and getting it done feels like a huge achievement. I always feel better when I go. It feeds my body and my mind.

And there is nothing quite like the relief of being done!


One thought on “Never give up

  1. Mama Bear August 26, 2013 / 10:20 PM

    Totally agree! My dietitian told me re exercise, just get out of bed, put your sneakers on and don’t think about it, just do it!! It works and relates to any problem in life you don’t want to face, which you know has to be dealt with. The sooner you face it head on, the sooner it is over and you can move on.

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