Getting there

All year, I’ve been working hard out to increase my level of activity and reduce my waistline. I blogged about it in June – HERE.

As I said in June, my weight slowly crept up and my fitness declined since I started doing roller derby. So the start of this year I hit the gym hard and discovered the joys (and pain) of RPM.

Since then (I waited for the weather to warm up!) I’ve thrown running back into the mix too. I’ve loved running ever since I first started, now over 10 years ago. No derby, plus good stretching, massage, and yoga has helped my back issues to the point that I’ve been able to run again in the last three months, and I am so happy! I’m keeping it low-key at the moment, 30 mins a couple of times a week. It’s so good to be back into it though.

So I typically do between 30-120 minutes of exercise six days a week, I eat (fairly) well, and in the past six months my weight-loss has slowed – I’ve now lost 14 kilograms since December 2014 (it was 10kgs in June).

Here’s the funny thing. My weight-loss seems to have stopped at exactly the same point it did last time I lost weight 10 or so years ago. Like, exactly the same number. And I’ve been the same weight (give or take a few 100 grams here and there) for the past three months.

It’s a bit frustrating, because having been 82 kilograms for so many years, I like the idea of being 70-something. But my body has other ideas! I know the numbers don’t really matter, but it’s something I’ve focussed on because it’s a measurable goal that I can reach for. But getting to a 70-something goal would mean cutting out (yet more) foods from my diet. I’m reluctant to do that.

The answer is acceptance. Getting there. Grrr.