I’ve been thinking about my Nana a lot lately. I think it’s because my grandkids are now getting to the age that I was when I spent more time with her, and I’ve been thinking about what kind of Nana she was compared to the Nana I am.

In honour of my Nana, I’ve been working on two projects – one I made for her birthday (26 October) and one that I am still working on.

With the help of a friend, I designed and made a “Nana” apron – a pinny that has big pockets on the front that I can wear when I’m baking. I love it. I called it my Dot apron. The thing I love most about it is that it has a crossover back that doesn’t have straps – it’s unfussy and easy to slip on and off. Now when I bake, I can think about Nana.

The second Nana-inspired project I’ve been working on its a crocheted Nana blanket. When each of her grandchildren were born, my Nana either knitted or crocheted them a blanket – knit for boys and crochet for girls. I still have my Nana blanket, and Antony’s was the last that she made. They are both so precious to me. So obviously I am well behind – Wyatt is about to turn 10 and he has no blanket yet!

Rather than starting with Wyatt and Arlia, I am making myself a blanket first as a tester. I am making the same style as my Nana blanket, made up of 100s of Peggy squares. I’m aiming to make a knee rug of a 100 squares, and trying to do one a day (sometimes I skip days and do multiples when I can). So far it’s taken me two months, and I’ve completed 65 squares. I’m well on track to be finished by winter!

I am inspired by my Nana everyday.

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