The depressing truth of living between the fault line and the deep blue sea

I attended the Tuesday Club this week to hear Melissa Heath talk about the current state of insurance and re-insurance in New Zealand. She had some sobering facts and figures for us about the impact of the earthquakes and on our ability to obtain and retain insurance. According to Melissa, we are living in an incredibly high-risk environment – the Alpine fault could crack at any time, we are at constant risk of major weather events, sea-level rise, and Tsunamis. I’m not sure how she gets through the day with all this in her head!

I’ve posted the video of Melissa’s talk below. It’s depressing, but in my view, essential information for anyone who lives near a fault line or coastline (i.e. everyone in New Zealand).

You can read more about Melissa at her company website Residential Risk Assessment.

One thought on “The depressing truth of living between the fault line and the deep blue sea

  1. David Greenwood April 19, 2019 / 10:39 AM

    Good to read your observations on work place environments and culture. Absolutely agree that it is refreshing to work in a collaborative and supportive culture where people are allowed to shine their light freely. This has been my experience in my current and previous role; as a result I have found a new pleasure in going to work, being part of a great team and making my contribution.
    Their is a lot of talk around this in management speak and how important it is to strengthen culture but my experience has been that the reality is often at odds with the rhetoric.
    Cheers, David

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