27. A photo of myself today, and a description of how my day was

Here are two photos – pre and post gym workout. That’s the RPM instructor in the background.

And here is how my day unfolded…

I woke up at 7.30am, got up at 8.30am, had a delicious pancake breakfast then settled in for some hockey admin and TV watching – Netflix FTW!

At about 12pm, I had a shower and then did some organising for camping tomorrow and some other tidying things. The cleaner was due at 2pm, so we wandered off down to Re:Start Mall for some lunch – dumplings for me and pizza for Stephen.

We came back to a delightfully clean house, watched some more TV, and then I went to the gym, to the supermarket and home for dinner.

And now I am sitting with my feet up watching more TV.

It’s been a perfect combo day.


26. Something I don’t leave the house without

When I pack a bag to leave the house I make sure I have my phone, watch, wallet, headphones, sunglasses and battery pack. These are my essentials. Number 1 is probably my phone.
Note, no keys. Our front door and car locks are digital so I often have no keys with me. For the most part I can also manage without bank cards now that I have Apple Pay.

25. My hidden talent

I’m not really one to hide my talents…

I can think of a couple of things that maybe people don’t know about me:

  1. I am a chubby-bunny champ – I have a talent for shoving marshmallows in my face. I have quite a large mouth. I can get more than 20 marshmallows in my mouth at once.
  2. I can fit a lot of activity into a small amount of time. I am a well-organised person (most people know this) and this gives me the ability to jigsaw activities together in a way that maximises output/time.


24. My biggest regret

I don’t have any. I truly believe that my life is as it should be  – I can’t regret the past, it’s what got me here. And since I love my life, it’s hard to think about anything that has happened as regretful.

On a small scale, I sometimes regret a misspoken word or an action, but those things are easily remedied with a quick apology – no need to regret something if you clear it up as quickly as you can and are able to move on.

22. My worst habit

It’s hard to know what my worse habit is, so I phoned a friend for this one…

Stephen says “always needing to be right” is my worst habit – but that’s not really a habit, it’s more of a character flaw. Luckily, he’s not able to pin-point any particularly bad habits. The worst Stephen can come up with is that I move his stuff around so he can’t find it later, something that I call “tidying up”.

I have a lot of habits, but I’m not sure I can say that any of them are bad, so it’s hard to find the worst one. I’d probably say it’s interrupting and not letting other people finish speaking. Sometimes I physically put my hand over my mouth to stop myself from doing this.

21. What makes me sad

I dunno, the usual things – death, loss, things not working out as I hoped.

I am generally an upbeat and positive person, so I don’t really dwell in sadness. I wholeheartedly believe that everything is just as it should be – that I’m exactly where I need to be doing just what I should. And when life feels hard and the going is tough, I know that everything comes to an end eventually and I just need to ride it out. 

20. What makes me happy

Hands-down, my family.

I grew up in a dysfunctional and disjointed family that never gave me a sense of belonging that others experience. As an adult I’ve been able to build good relationships with all my siblings and that makes me very happy.

But it’s the family  I created for myself that makes me happiest. Nothing gives me more joy than the regular casual get-togethers that we have. They are my reason for being.