To thine own self

To thine own self be true

Almost two years ago, on Leap Day 2008, I purchased a silver bangle. I wear it every day, it jangles on my wrist and reminds me of that day and every other one between then and now. On February 29th 2008, I was lost – my life was changing and I didn’t know where I was going and it scared me. I had been lost for a long time without knowing it, and gradually I woke up to my lostness and it was painful. My solution was to buy a silver bangle and refocus myself forward. I had it inscribed with the words “to thine own self be true” to remind me that if I followed the path of my own choosing, I wouldn’t be lost again. I think about that day often when I jangle.


I have a bet with Bronwen about what 2010 will be called. Will it be “Twenty-Ten” or “Two-Thousand-and-Ten”? There is a lot riding on this bet – $500. In the Frompson household this equates to five kisses.

I am currently gathering data to support my guess. I can’t tell you what I think just in case it sways you one way or the other…but tell me what you think. I need these kisses, reader.

I should also tell you, in case you are wondering … the Frompsons = the Frayles and the Thompsons. My beautiful blended family.