What am I doing this for?

One day, not so long ago, I was visiting my friend’s wordpress blog. She had asked me to comment on her posts if I felt like it, so I did. In order to leave a comment I had to sign up for an account. One of the screens along the way asked me if I wanted to get my own wordpress blog. On a whim, I signed up.

For a while now (~5 years) I’ve been a part of an online community, one that I recently decided to stop participating in (a story for another time). One of the things I did regularly online was write about various parts of my life past and present, and I missed that. So a blog seems like an adequate replacement.

My intention is for this to be my space to drop thoughts and ideas. I’ve decided to write without considering who is reading and what they might think. Not because I don’t care about the people who might read this, but because it potentially changes what I choose to write. If I feel like I have to be always interesting and engaging, I’ll probably not last very long with it. Best that I make this thing about me, for me.