Day 27 — This month, in great detail

Oh boy, this could be an epic! But really, I do the same thing week in and week out, so if you read the previous post (Day 27 – This week, in great detail) you’ve got the gist of it.

Highlights from the month of April:

  • Went to Armaggedon in Wellington with the Frompson’s (so much fun!)
  • Signed up for the women’s ice hockey league and played my first game, including scoring a goal (GO MOWGLIES!!)
  • Signed up for a social futsal team and played my first game (GO BEBE GUNS!!)
  • Started running in the mornings with Stephen (so impressed with my Mister!)
  • Nailed backwards c-sculling at skate school
  • Had lovely social times with friends: Jo, Kerry, Carol, Jen and Baxter, Michelle and Tim to mention a few
  • Had some wonderful family times with Meagle, Bronwen, Antony, Grace, Wyatt, Stephen and the beanbag
  • Watched my beautiful grandson grow another month older, new tricks all the time
  • Found out my new grandchild is a girl
  • Paid off my student loan
  • Started the 30-day challenge
  • Went to the Wedding Expo with Meagle and Grace
  • Found a caterer for the wedding
  • Found a celebrant to marry us