Day 30 — Whatever tickles my fancy

Last one for the 30-day challenge!

To be honest, I’ve found the 30-challenge quite a challenge. I have a very busy life, and don’t always relish starting or finishing my day with a story about this or that. So, what tickles my fancy right now?

This does:

Steve Jobs and the iPad

Stephen and I are both waiting with anticipation to get one of these wee beauties. They are released in New Zealand in July, and I’m thinking we’ll be first in line!

Why do we want one? Because we can. We don’t NEED it, but look at it, it’s so COOL! Is it a laptop? No, not quite. Is it a PDA? No, it’s so much more than that. It is the perfect fit between our home computers (Mac Mini and a MacBook Air) and our iPhones.

And finally, this is what REALLY tickles my fancy. The man I share my life, my hopes, my dreams, my home, my family, my everything with. I love you Stephen

more than my iPhone even.