The 40 b4 40 Challenge

My Twitter friend Lana tweeted the other night that she was writing a list of 30 things to do before she turns 30 in November. Since I’m turning 40 in November, I thought this sounded like a great challenge. Thanks for the inspiration Lana! Her blog is here.

Each time I achieve one of my goals, I’ll blog about it. If I don’t achieve them, I’ll blog about that too. Here it is, my 40 b4 40.

  1. Write a list of 40 goals to achieve before I turn 40
  2. Host a tweet up BBQ at our house
  3. Have a relaxing long weekend in Queenstown (completed 13-14-15 Jan, I haven’t relaxed so much in years!)
  4. Visit Tintagel Castle … this one ain’t going to happen in the next 12 months (completed 07/09/15)
  5. Stay overnight in a castle
  6. Learn to drive a manual car
  7. Run 10km (completed as a lead up to the Chch Marathon 10km event 27/05/12)
  8. Run 5km in 35 minutes (5km in 35min 45sec, 29 Jan)
  9. Own an iPad 3 (lined up for one on release day in York, UK, 16/03/12)
  10. Visit Singapore (twice, on 01/03/12 and again 21/03/12 but only the airport)
  11. Save $10,000.00 (in time for our honeymoon 01/03/11)
  12. Bake a cake ( baked a few in the year)
  13. Buy a new car (this one is not going to happen this year, I got a new kitchen instead!…ooops got a new car as well!)
  14. Drive on the M1 in England (I didn’t do it personally, but I was in the car)
  15. Visit 3 Apple Stores (Bath, Brighton, Regent St London, and Glasgow)
  16. Celebrate my baby girl’s 20th birthday
  17. Finish the Millennium trilogy by Steig Larsson (finally finished the third book 28 Jan, good series, the third one dragged on a bit in the middle).
  18. Learn how to use MS Project (I’m getting there with this!)
  19. Give blood (24/11/11 and again 23/04/12)
  20. Visit 10 cafes in Christchurch and review the coffee / service on my blog (they are over here)
  21. Celebrate one year of marriage somewhere interesting (In Christchurch, then Singapore, then Brighton, UK)
  22. Visit the birthplace of Captain Cook (15-16/03/12, Whitby, UK – what an amazing place!)
  23. Visit Melbourne (booked for the end of August!)
  24. Tell my husband I love him every day (yup, even when I was mad)
  25. Go on a cruise (booked for March 2014)
  26. Cook a three course meal for my husband (did this on 2nd March 2013, better late than never!)
  27. Take a moment every day to be grateful (I do this every morning)
  28. Stay sober every day (17 years and counting)
  29. Meet 10 new people (hallo roller derby league!)
  30. Complete 40 blog posts (achieved this a little late – on 01/01/13)
  31. Visit Napier (completed 7-8-9/04/16)
  32. Plant a herb garden (completed 2016, albeit by the gardener)
  33. Teach Bronwen how to apply make up
  34. Visit the Franz and Fox glaciers
  35. Take my grandson to visit a train
  36. Complete Portal
  37. Go jet boating (I’ve decided this is an insane idea. I get horribly seasick)
  38. Attend a tweet up in another city
  39. Publish my Daily Bebe book
  40. Learn the Paso Doble (this one’s a joke really)

6 thoughts on “The 40 b4 40 Challenge

  1. aunty January 5, 2012 / 10:52 AM

    forty is the new thirty, so if you achieve thirty from your very worthy list you’ll be doing well . Good luck !!

  2. Mama Bear January 5, 2012 / 11:23 AM

    Yes I think if you get 30 done you will be doing well but knowing you,(so much like me.. determined) you will go for the whole lot!! Go Bebe!! xx

  3. rowenamaxwell January 20, 2012 / 7:57 PM

    Hey, it was great meeting you in Wellington. In the taxi in Sydney going home looking at your blog on my iPad (of course)! Love your noble ambition to bake a cake and a 3 course meal. Can so relate!
    Really interesting blog! Talk soon.

  4. dinnywinny July 26, 2012 / 2:40 PM

    Well the list is becoming shorter… well done! #17 should be an easy one to wipe off tho. Looks like you will complete the majority. xx

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