Day 2: Brighton – Bournemouth

Since we were up before the sparrows anyway, we hit the road early this morning. Our first destination was Portsmouth, the home of Nelson’s flagship HMS Victory. It was pretty impressive – not the kind of thing you’d want to stumble upon out on the seven seas.


The rest of the day was a round of castles and cathedrals and such like.

Winchester Cathedral


Old Sarum (the former seat of power in Salisbury, sits atop a hill overlooking the Salisbury plain)


Salisbury Cathedral
(view of the spire from Old Sarum)


(the Cloisters)


We popped in to visit Stonehenge on the way too, it’s an impressive set of standing stones. You can’t help but wonder at the stupidity of those people wasting so much energy getting the huge stones there and upright. It must have been really important to them!
(Stephen prancing)


We finished our day on Bournemouth. It’s not a terribly attractive place, and to be honest our hotel is a bit of a hole (it had a leaky ceiling that’s dripping on Stephen). And another rock-hard bed. We might need to up our accommodation budget methinks…