Day 20: Riding the Rails

We didn’t do any sightseeing at all today – just hung around London and rode around exploring on the Underground. We managed to collect some Light Blues and our last station (Marylebone) in the morning. We had lunch with our friend Phil at a local pub. Phil moved to London from Christchurch a few months ago, and seems to be having a great time here.

The afternoon was more Monopoly, with a lovely break at the Tower Bridge for ice cream and a sit down on the banks of the Thames.

We had dinner at the same place we did last night and met Maggie again after class. We went to a toy store on Oxford Street that has five levels! One level is devoted entirely to Lego. Awesome.

Even though we didn’t really do much, we arrived home exhausted and grateful to sink into bed. Home tomorrow! There is much packing to be done.