What I’ve learned…

…about Melbourne…

It’s a very walk-able city, but if you don’t want to (or have blisters from non-sensible shoes like me) the trams are great! There is a free city circle tram, very handy. The cross-city trams aren’t cheap, but they are very convenient and easy to use. I just purchased a Myki travel card and I’m good to go. Swipe on, swipe off – easy peasy.

There is heaps to see and do; the city is very focused on tourism, and presenting its culture, history and shopping. Shopping shopping shopping. Mostly the window variety for me. I’m saving some interesting-looking areas until Stephen gets here.

Melbournians don’t seem to fond of New Zealanders. I’ve been told 3 times in 2 days by locals that they can’t talk to me because I’m a kiwi. Very weird. I can’t imagine saying that to an Australian in New Zealand. I’m going to tell people I’m from Christchurch from now on. No-one can be mean to a Christchurchian.

Everyone in Melbourne has an iPhone. Everyone. Except the bums, and maybe they do too and I just didn’t see it. And every third person has an iPad or a MacBook Air. This make me feel at home. These are my people. Hip, cool, iPeople.

And there is an ice rink! What’s more, it’s about 5 mins from our hotel! Happyface.

Most of all, what I’ve learned is that I will definitely be back. This is a great city for a quick get-away, easy just to cruise and have fun in.