Bag ahoy

I got a new bag today, I love it. I really like to carry all my stuff around with me everywhere I go. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to pull out a pen, or sticky note, or iPhone cable, or hockey puck when you need one. My new bag fits all this and more.

I got it mostly so I can sling my laptop and charger in it when I’m traveling. It’s a pain to take two bags with me (laptop bag and handbag). And importantly, it fits snacks and extra layers of clothing. So pretty much everything I need to be happy.

For the longest time I didn’t really carry a bag. I just had a little money purse and that was it. They were my nappy bag and toddler backpack days though. During my uni years I had a satchel (it was quite voluminous). Then I discovered the hold-all and I never looked back.

What kind of bag person are you? Are you a minimalist or a hold-all lover like me? What do you think of blokes and bags (the man bag)?