It’s November!

Blog, I’ve been neglecting you. I regularly think to myself “oh, that’s an interesting thought/comment/sight/experience, I should blog about it”. Then the end of the day comes, and I only have time for snuggling with my husband, and none for blogging.

It’s been a huge few months over here. Let me fill you in…

We have finally completed the renovation of our kitchen (I promised photos, didn’t I). It looks great, and have us a good chance to test the paint colour we want to use on the rest of the house (Resene half linen).

We had a visit from the Fletcher’s – our EQC work is due to begin in a few weeks, yikes! That means moving out of our house for about a month while they renovate every room in the house (other than the kitchen of course). It’s going to be AMAZING when it’s done.

We are also very close to settling our land claim with our insurance company, which means we will start renovating our gardens too. It’s going to be a busy December methinks.

Hockey started in September. We have 4 games under our belt now, with 2 wins and 2 losses. I’ve been really enjoying getting involved in the organisation side of things – I’m the manager of the team, and the secretary of our league and of the Canterbury Ice Hockey Association. It’s a lot of work, but I’m learning heaps about sports organisation.

The thing that is most satisfying about hockey is playing with the whole family. As a mum, it’s such a great feeling to see my two lovely children out on the ice together. With Stephen and me also in the team, and Bronwen working her way up through the junior league, we really are a hockey family! It’s not something I ever imagined we’d be doing, but it is so much fun.

I started roller derby training too. Megan and I are doing a 10-week training course to see if we are good enough to go to the next stage (called Fresh Meat). If we make the grade after training, we will spend a few months learning the rules and how to play the game before we have to pass the international skills test. Only THEN can we try-out for a team and start our ass-kicking roller derby careers. Can’t hardly wait!

It’s a busy month ahead too. More to come…

One thought on “It’s November!

  1. rowenamaxwell November 2, 2012 / 11:25 PM

    Hey, I didn’t realize it was ice hockey! Man you are seriously scary, I couldn’t never do that.

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