Let the relaxation begin

What a busy month it’s been. Not really different to any month for us, I suppose, but there has been a lot going on to add to the work/life busy-ness.

We got back from Perth on the 25th November, and had a scoping meeting with our EQC building team on the 27th. They wanted to get started as soon as possible so they could finish before Xmas, so we agreed to a start date of 3rd Dec (a Sunday, so they could come and do prep before starting proper on the Monday). So between Wednesday and Sunday that week, we packed everything up, moved everything out, and found somewhere to live for 3 weeks while our fix-up happened. A little stressful, but we managed.

In the meantime, I had a couple of big work deadlines, which in themselves would have kept me very busy. In between all that, a mid-week wedding and family visiting.

We moved out of our temporary accommodation on Friday and went to Tekapo for the weekend. Is been the perfect antidote to a very stressful and busy month.


A side effect of a very busy life is that I’ve learned how to apply the brakes really quickly. I can go from fully stressed and busy to completely relaxed in a couple of days. It takes discipline to really relax when I’m so tightly wound for weeks on end, but its so necessary for sanity.

So right now we are heading back to Christchurch to see if our house is ready to move back into later today (fingers crossed!!). I’m a lot more tanned and a lot more relaxed than when I left on Friday. It’s amazing the difference 3 days can make.

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