Year in review: 2012

Well, I have to say, 2012 turned out to be a lot better than 2011.

As is my tradition, I will review my year by providing a pithy sentence or two that covers each month.

January: My beautiful girl turns 20, Stephen and I have a lovely holiday in Queenstown (power-relaxing at its finest), lots and lots of working.

February: The one-year anniversary of the big quake. We commemorate the day by putting flowers in road cones – we have plenty to choose from. Lots more hard work, we prepare to go on holiday in March.

March: Glorious March, our honeymoon month. The best three weeks ever – castles, cathedrals and cars. It was perfection. And upon our return, we win our hockey final, two years in a row, HUZZAH!

April: Rachel’s lovely dress-up birthday party, we make plans for a new kitchen, lots of time spent with family and friends.

May: We become proud (temporary) owners of a ‘water feature’ out the front of our house, while our street is closed for repairs. I get a new tattoo. I AM.

June: We get our gorgeous new kitchen installed. It snows. I travel a lot, including to Auckland for Esther’s 3rd birthday. Children of Rogernomics, the book I helped work on in 2007-8, is launched. Bronwen starts playing ice hockey!

July: It’s a cold one! We go skating in Staveley. It snows again and I get caught out in Wellington. We have a fun weekend away with Rachel and Nick in Hanmer.

August: I go to Melbourne to collect an award for work, buy rollerskates for me and the girls, do some volunteering for The Concert. Work on the street continues. It feels everlasting.

September: Ah, spring at last! School camp with Bronwen in Takamatua and poor Mazzy breaks down half way up the hill. We travel to Queenstown (via Tekapo of course) to watch the Red Devils win the NZIHL final.

October: Bronwen turns 12, and is surprised with a new laptop and iPhone. Megan and I begin roller derby training. We are dazzled by Luxcity, the beautiful display of lights in the city. Axel arrives in the family and we say bye-bye to Mr 2.

November: The birthday extravaganza BBQ, we travel to Perth for Rebecca and Andrew’s wedding, come home to find out that our house repairs will begin in December, YAY! Work finally finished on the roads in our neighbourhood.

December: We move out so repairs can commence, Verity and Josh get married, we have a fab weekend away in Tekapo, we welcome the arrival of Rose and farewell Mazzy (I hardly miss you at all, you little minx). We move back in to our mostly finished and awesomely redecorated house. Christmas Day is all about family and relaxation. It sets the tone for the year ahead I think.

Last year at this time I said that 2011 would be a defining year. It was. This year, by contrast, has been about living in our new normal. It feels like moving on – we’ve been able to carve out bits of real joy in the year, making the circumstances of our living in this place more bearable. I have achieved most of the goals I set for myself for the year, and surpassed my expectations in some things. I’ve indulged my passions for Appley things, for hockey, for skating, for travel, and for my family. I can’t ask better than that.

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