Ode to books

I drove passed the Central Library yesterday. It brought tears to my eyes – it was in a state of semi-demolishment.

I spent many, many happy hours amongst the books in that library. Sitting on the comfy chairs on the second floor, feet up on the heating vents. Gossiping with my friends when we were supposed to be ‘studying’. Hours and hours in the New Zealand Room looking at microfiche and microfilm. And the card indexes! Even when they introduced computers, I liked flicking through those.

History, travel, social sciences were my favourite sections. I was quite fond of magazines too – I could never afford to buy Macworld, so I would read them months out of date.

I signed both my children up for library cards there, and we’d visit in the weekend – sometimes¬†stopping for a treat at the French Bakery across the road.

I eventually outgrew Central when I went to Canterbury University – now that’s a library!

But the Central Library holds a special place in my heart. I’m really going to miss it.



One thought on “Ode to books

  1. Aunty August 24, 2014 / 12:14 PM

    I would set out for the library intending to spend an hour and would eventually return home at tea time Ah those were the days !!

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