Social mediary

After a year-long hiatus from Twitter, I recently reinstalled and started using Twitter again. Which is to say, I’ve started reading my Twitter feed … I haven’t really been posting. Twitter has changed since I first joined in 2007, and so have I – for the first few years I primarily used it to chat with my friends, and then everyone moved to Facebook and so did I. Now I use Twitter mostly as a source of news. I’m not sure Twitter is going to last the distance. I use it most days, just for reading, but it’s not that interesting to me anymore. Facebook is where most of my social mediary happens now, just because that’s where everyone is. And I use the FB groups for committee work. And stalking of course.

I’ve recently expanded my toolkit of social mediary to include Snapchat and Instagram. I find Snapchat somewhat baffling. It’s fun, but relatively pointless. So I use Snapchat occasionally, but it’s never going to be my go-to SM app.

Instagram, I love. I can pop in and see what people have been up to – I follow some really interesting, creative people and I love getting a glimpse into their life through the little squares they show me. I like the image rather than text focus of Instagram over Twitter, and the longevity of Instagram over Snapchat.

Did Facebook win the social media wars? I think they did.