Getting more (less) there

I blogged in December last year about slowly getting there with my weight loss and exercise goals. At that point I had come to a bit of a stand-still on the weight loss front, which was perfectly acceptable to me. Since then, I have very, very slowly been losing some more. In December I was at 82kg, now I’m hovering around 77kg. Although I have to say that I randomly gain/lose up to a kilogram between weigh-ins sometimes. So weird!

I’m really happy with the size I am now. Somewhere under the flab and extra skin from all the years of yo-yo-ing, I now have abs! For me it’s not about how I look, it’s about functionally what I can do with my body. And at this size I can run with ease, my yoga has improved, I can do more weight-bearing exercises like push-ups, and my back is well-and-truly on the mend.