30 in 30

I’ve been lazy about blogging lately. I think about things to write but then don’t get around to putting them here. So to breathe new life into my poor neglected online diary, I thought I’d do a 30 posts in 30 days challenge. Hopefully it will be habit-forming. I’ve also giving my space a freshen up – a new template that I’m really happy with.

Anyway, here goes…30 in 30.

1. My blog’s name

2. 20 facts about me

3. My favourite quote

4. A picture of me 10 years ago

5. My proudest moment

6. What I am afraid of

7. My 5 favourite songs

8. Someone I admire

9. What’s in my handbag

10. My favourite foods

11. The best trip of my life

12. My favourite childhood book

13. What’s in my fridge

14. My 3 healthy habits

15. Where will I be in 5 years?

16. My thoughts on education

17. The last book I read

18. A photograph of myself

19.  My favourite movie

20. What makes me happy

21. What makes me sad

22. My worst habit

23. What attracts me in love

24. My biggest regret

25. My hidden talent

26. Something I don’t leave the house without

27. A photo of myself today, and a description of how my day was

28. Something I never get tired of doing

29. A photo of the last item I purchased

30. My current goals