Day 25 — My day, in great detail

Sunday, in great detail.

My Sunday started with a sleep-in until 7:40am. That early in the morning may not seem like a sleep-in to some people, but since we get up at 6:30am six days a week, getting up after 7am seems luxurious to me. We had crashed at 10:30pm the night before too, so we were both well rested, a treat. We lay in bed listening to music for a while, until Bronwen pounded on the door demanding some company downstairs.

Our Sunday mornings are fairly well routined – Stephen plays EverQuest, I watch some TV on the computer (usually Survivor or Project Runway) then go for a morning run. This morning I spent some time doing other computery things as well as watching the penultimate episode of Project Runway.

Because I knew we would be having a busy afternoon, I went for a short run through the walkway around the lake by our house. The run was just enough to stretch my legs and blow the cobwebs out, and the setting was lovely.

Once home, we all got on with finishing our Sunday chores – I cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen, Stephen vacuumed and tidied, and Bronwen tidied her room and dusted. That all finished, we had cheese toasties for lunch and then headed out to Tower Junction to inspect the shops. The clothing shops I was aiming at were depressingly uninspiring.

Our next stop was the ice rink for the 2-4pm public session. A long line of birthday party children greeted us upon arrival. After a long wait in the queue, we got on the ice. Stephen was feeling a bit blah, so he sat this session out. Bronwen was meeting her coach and classmates for a lesson in how to figure skate in hockey skates. She took a few minutes to find her ice feet, but was soon spinning and twirling as usual. I had a bit of a swish around, and then retired to the cafe to keep Stephen company and wait for the crowds to thin a little. It’s lovely to watch all the kids getting their feet on the ice, but doesn’t make for much of a good time if you are trying to do laps at speed.

After a very average latte and some delicious (brought from home) brownie, I had another crack at skating, and stayed out until the session ended at 4pm. Skates off, we were back in the car to drop Bronwen off to Mummy’s until Wednesday.

Next stop grocery shopping at Wainoni Pak n Save. Riveting stuff!

I dropped Stephen and the groceries off at home and headed off for a 5:30pm meeting on the other side of town. After the meeting, I picked Megan up from her boyfriend’s place and we trooped back across town to drop Wyatt’s car seat off at Antony and Grace’s, and then home for a wonderful meal cooked by Stephen.

We had a lovely post-dinner beanbag-TV-snuggle, I got some work finished, and then went out to drop Megan off at her friend’s place before retiring for the night.

Just an average Sunday really.

2 thoughts on “Day 25 — My day, in great detail

  1. Mama Bear May 3, 2010 / 12:23 PM

    Nice one!!

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