Day 26 — My week, in great detail

Alright, let’s see if we can do great detail with writing a novel! I’m going to write about Sunday to Saturday, since yesterday’s post starred the Sunday I just had…

Sunday 25th April

This was ANZAC Day in New Zealand – a public holiday. I usually start my day with a run, but this day I wanted to take Wyatt to see our friends Jen and Baxter (who is almost 2). I collected Wyatt at about 9:30am and Megan, Wyatt and I headed for Jen’s. She lives by the beach, so we went for a wander down to the local cafe (which is attached to a public library on the beach front, very cool). We had an excellent coffee, the kids made a glorious mess, and then we wandered home again. Along the way, we saw several buses, each one requiring vigorous waving by Wyatt. He rather likes public transportation.

That was the main event of Sunday. The rest of the day involved a meeting, a coffee date with my beloved, grocery shopping, and bean-bag-TV snuggling. Just the usual.

Monday 26th April

Up at 6:40am, out on the road for a run by 7am. Work work work, and then I picked Megan up from her boyfriend’s house and dashed home for a quick meal before heading out again to my hockey game at 8pm. We won 5-1, GO MOWGLIES!

Tuesday 27th April

No run this morning, so we got a bit of a sleep in. Work work work, and then a ballroom dance lesson at 5:30pm. We are trying to learn a whole bunch of new dance steps, so have decided to have private tuition for a while instead of learning in a class. After dancing we had a delicious meal at Ironside Thai and a walk in Hagley Park afterward. This was the setting/sequence of our second date and we like to relive it every now and again.

As usual, the evening finished with some beanbag-TV snuggles

Wednesday 28th April

This day started with a morning run again, followed by work work work. After work we meet at Pizza Hut for Grace’s 17th birthday party where Antony’s family vastly outnumbered Grace’s, funny! They ate pizza, I ate sushi. After dinner, Stephen, Megan and I went down to Cowles Stadium for our first game of Futsal (like indoor soccer, but much cooler). Megan sat the first game out, but promises to play next week. Bronwen would usually have been with us, but she was at camp in Woodend.

Having never played soccer before, it took me a while to get the hang of it, but the rest of the team played an awesome game and we came away with a 5-5 draw. GO BEBE GUNS!!

Thursday 29th April

No run this morning, just work work work. After work Stephen I met in Merivale at the home of Lizzie, our prospective caterer. I really like Lizzie, but she is a *little* manic. I swear she did not pause for breathe the whole time we were there. But we managed to hash out the main elements of our wedding menu, and I feel really good about how it will work out.

After Lizzie’s I was supposed to go to my regular 7pm meeting, but I was so tired we just headed straight home for a quick meal and some serious beanbag time.

Friday 30th April

Morning run, followed by work as usual. Today I finished at 2:30pm so I could meet my friend John for coffee and a catch up, and then pick Bronwen up from Grandma’s house. She was super tired from camp. I stopped at Grandma’s for a cuppa and a catch up, and then Bronwen and I zoomed across town to meet Stephen at the marriage celebrant’s place. I had met him at the wedding expo a few weeks ago, but wanted Stephen to meet him before we decided. I think we both really like him.

Glenn is a former minister who left the church recently (last month!) to pursue a career in weddings and funerals. He seemed a bit nervous, but very nice. He’ll be perfect.

Saturday 1st May

May Day! Workers of the word unite!

Up at 6:30am, on the ice by 8am for my skate lesson. As usual, Stephen and Bronwen came along as my cheering squad. I love that they come every week. It was a good session too – I’m learning how to skate backwards, and doing pretty well I think. After skating, we went and got Wyatt for our weekly fun, and went home to make pancakes. Wyatt managed to feed himself a whole pancake and half a banana with his own knife and fork. He’s growing up so fast!

To burn off the pancakes, we went for a wander down to the park (see Day 24 for more on these shenanigans). We were all in need of some down time when we got home, so we curled up on the ever-present beanbag together and watched Toy Story. Wyatt fell asleep snuggled up between us (so cute!) so we left him there and had some mousetraps for lunch. I snuck out at 1pm to go to see some friends and left them all there. When I got back about 3pm, Wyatt had been collected by his parents, and Megan and Bronwen were ready and eager to go Mother’s Day shopping.

Riccarton Mall was a mad place on Saturday afternoon, and we split up so they could shop without me. I went clothes shopping and found a cute tunic top that will be good for work. We reconvened and headed to the Warehouse to buy Futsal gear for Megan, whoop whoop! We dropped M back at her boyfriend’s place, and headed home for soup Saturday and movie night. It didn’t go as planned – we wanted to watch Coraline but Miss B was too freaked out, so we watched a bit of Grease instead (random selection from the harddrive).

Then it was bath, bed and story (Ramona Forever this week) for Miss B, and bed and sleep for us. It had been a busy week!

2 thoughts on “Day 26 — My week, in great detail

  1. Mama Bear May 4, 2010 / 11:01 AM

    A joy to read!!!

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