I’ve been thinking

Well I’m back, blogosphere! I took a couple of weeks off blogging after the 30-day challenge. This was partly because I needed to wait until I had something to say, and partly because I’ve been so damn busy. What have I been up to, I hear you ask.

My weeks are full: Mondays is my ice hockey game, Tuesday is ballroom dancing class, Wednesday is futsal, Thursday is my regular meeting, Friday is a rest day (wahoo!), Saturday is skate school, and Sunday is ice hockey practice.

Phew, I’m exhausted just looking at the list. Add to this work, running, gym, spending time with Stephen, Bronwen, Wyatt, Megan, trying to catch up with other family and friends, running a household and you can see that I have a very full life! Sometimes I just can’t do all these things and have to have a day off here and there, but in general I love my life. I love the busy-ness of it all.

On another note, my father’s wife Lorraine died on Thursday night. She had a massive heart attack and dropped dead on the bathroom floor. My father found her two hours later, and spent half an hour doing CPR waiting for the ambulance to arrive. It breaks my heart to think of how he must have felt in that 30 minutes.

My father and I are not super close, but I feel so sad for him. They were together for 10 years, and in that time he has been the happiest I’ve ever seen him. In their mid-60s, they had both just started winding down their working lives, and had big plans for traveling around in a van my father had fitted out for this purpose. I worry what will happen next.

This is going to sounds hugely cliched, but it reminds me once again to live life to the full. I don’t ever want to put my dreams on hold, thinking I have plenty of time.

That thing you’ve been thinking about getting on to that thing that will make you feel good, or make someone else smile, go and do it now!

One thought on “I’ve been thinking

  1. Carolyn May 30, 2010 / 6:35 PM

    Sorry for your dad. I’ve got to remember to get out more and do more things. I always enjoy myself when I’m doing it, its just getting over the mental hurdles.

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