Two weeks on

So, where are things at, two weeks on?

My Dad got ‘evacuated’ (evicted?) from his Council flat in Sumner and is staying with us. He’s hopeful that he’ll be allowed to go back soon. He’s doing really well after having rocks fall all around him during the quake, followed by a heart attack soon after. He’s trying to keep busy but I can see he’s getting a little stir-crazy with nothing to do but sit and watch TV all day. Any suggestions on how to entertain a recuperating 68-year-old?

I think that next on my list is to call the Council and see what I can get done about either moving him back in his house, or re-housing him. My Dad has lived in Sumner all his life, and it’s unthinkable to him that he might live somewhere else.

He can’t live with us for much longer, because we have to be out of our place on March 30th. Our landlord is also homeless and needs to live here. If we can’t secure the house we’ve been trying to buy, we will camp out somewhere and decide what to do next (thank you Mum, that sleepout is looking pretty cosy right now!). Everything is so uncertain in this city right now.

But we are much better off than a lot of folk – who are homeless, or power-less, or water-less, or jobless. The company I work for has relocated and we are all able to keep working. Psychologically it’s been really important to be able to get back to work. It feels somewhat normal, even if it is in a 3-person portacom in a carpark of a large-scale plant nursery. We have a great team at Synapsys, and staying connected has been really important to my sanity.

And I think Stephen and I are just lucky that we have resources to keep us going amongst all the uncertainty. Not just money, although that really helps, but support from a wide family circle that we can depend on for showers and food, somewhere to chill, and of course somewhere to live in the not-too-distant-future!

4 thoughts on “Two weeks on

  1. Hadlee Wright March 10, 2011 / 10:30 PM

    Uncertainty is a big one. I’m glad that myself and Emily have family we can call on in times like this. But it doesn’t help we’ve had to leave our house and speed up our move to Auckland.

    Mother nature had an interesting course and it seems we’re all along for the ride.

    Stay safe CHCH.

  2. Mama Bear March 10, 2011 / 11:14 PM

    Hey, even if the sleepout doesn’t get cleaned out straight away, there is 2 beds in Ange’s old bedroom and we can make Bronwen up a bed in the family room when she is here. There is no problem with housing you all. Neil said he will try and pop in on your Dad tomorrow for a Chat. He has been dismantling all the broken tanks in the fish house — big job.

  3. nightwlf March 11, 2011 / 12:38 AM

    Getting back to work ASAP was key for me, too. I went back the Monday following the earthquake. Sitting at home in the few days I ‘had off’, between shoveling liquefaction and waiting for the power to come back on, was just an overwhelming feeling of helplessness. Seeing pictures on TV or the newspaper of the state of the centre of town, I think it was very important to get back to work, to feel like you were somehow contributing to getting the city up and going again, trying to restore some normality to not just yourself, but those around you who might be looking for direction.

    I hope the new place gets sorted out soon. Uncertainty is definitely rife.

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