It’s been ages

I haven’t blogged in a month, and it’s been such a busy month too. Nothing in particular has been going on, just work, family, house and social life. But I had the feeling of life passing me by without my having paused for reflection in a while, so it was time for some writing.

Life is slowly getting back to normal. In Christchurch we call it the ‘new normal’. It isn’t really normal at all. We have no city, literally. The city centre has been a no-go zone for three months now, and will continue to be so for at least the rest of this year. I miss it.

But I feel like I’m adjusting. Doing normal things again – going skating, to the movies, work, out for coffee. It’s lovely. The road outside our house has been fixed – no more bumps. That feels like a big step forward. Now all we need is a flush toilet and it really will feel normal.

The best news is that we have a new work location to move into. It’s not quite ready yet – needs fibre cables for high speed internet laid, and some renovation. But by the end of the month, we should be able to move in to a new place where we can all have a desk and a chair, and all be together again. I’m really looking forward to that!

2 thoughts on “It’s been ages

  1. Asgardsfall May 18, 2011 / 9:15 PM

    And we have a nice cosy bedhead!

  2. Julio From NY May 19, 2011 / 9:06 AM

    Wow. That’s pretty intense. I hope things only continue to get smoother and easier for you guys 🙂

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