Time flies!

I’ve been really busy lately! Work has been full-on busy the past couple of weeks. I’m really loving the challenge of managing a couple of fairly big projects. Both involve creating and producing training materials (a combo of print, web, and eLearning content). It’s really interesting work, with great responsive clients and a hard working team. Whoop!

On the home front, we are slowly making changes to our little nana house – it certainly needs some serious modernisation. The big job was getting the carpet down – I still enjoy the feeling of landing my feet on the floor in the morning.

We’ve also chosen new lighting for the conservatory and living area (yet to be installed) and we purchased a new dish-drawer and a gorgeous leather lounge suite (sofa and two chairs). We got some great deals, so I’m feeling pretty pleased with us right now.

And being the good project manager that I am, our home wouldn’t have been complete without our new whiteboard-corkboard combo. They hang in the walkway between the living room and kitchen, a constant reminder of the things we need to do, buy, remember. It’s also a great place to pin our achievements – like the school notice announcing that Bronwen made it into the school zones for cross country running. I am so very proud of her!

So we have a long list of improvements to make, and it’s going to take us years to get through them all. But I’m having a great time sifting through all the possibilities together, shaping what our dream home will look like. It helps to distract me from all that is gone, and gives me something good to focus on. This home is our future, our hope.

One thought on “Time flies!

  1. Marina June 7, 2011 / 12:22 PM

    I hope you continue to post pictures of your awesome new home stuff. I love living vicariously through my friends that have homes.

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