Day 16: York – Cambridge

We started early today, up at 6:00 and out the door at 6:30. We were on a mission – the new iPad was due to be released this morning and we were keen to get our hands on one. There was already one person in line when we arrived, and a few more arrived while we waited. By 7:30 there were seven of us, and the line didn’t get a lot bigger than this. So by 8:45 when the store opened its doors, everyone was able to get what they came for. Stephen and I got a black 64gig wifi+4G model each.

We probably didn’t need to line up, but there is something quite fun about standing in anticipation with other Mac geeks waiting for the latest thing. We share stories and compare gadgets and just generally have a geeky good time.

We went to the local Pret coffee shop for the unboxing, and then back to the hotel for set up. Let me tell you, this thing is just gorgeous. It’s light, the screen is oh-so sharp, and it’s blazing fast. I didn’t get an iPad 2 last year (just Stephen had one) so the jump up to the new iPad is huge. And I’m loving it.

We drove from York to Cambridge today – not a very interesting drive and it took us about 4 hours. Cambridge is a stop along the way to London rather than a destination of its own. We are both a little tired so the remainder of our afternoon was spent playing with our new toys.

Ben helps us with our purchase


The first sneaky peak


View from the car driving to Cambridge – cooling towers from a nuclear power plant


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