Day 17: Cambridge – London

Our destination this morning was the Supadance shop in Wessex, on the outskirts of greater London. They sell ballroom and Latin dance shoes. In New Zealand, if you want dance shoes, they will come from England, from this shop. That makes them very expensive in New Zealand, and much cheaper at the shop in Wessex! We got shoes for me, Stephen and Bronwen for the same price that we’d get one pair in NZ. Bonus!

From there we skirted around London on the ring road and dropped the rental car off at Heathrow. So long Juke, you were fun.

And then we were off for our London adventure. The hotel we had initially booked was unavailable, so the hotel had offered another place. It took 3 hours, 2 tube changes, 2 light rail changes and a 15 minute walk (carrying our packs!) to get there. Not exactly central. I climbed the three flights of stairs to our room with trepidation. It looked more like a suburban flat than a hotel apartment. As soon as I saw the place I said no. It was dirty and old and very clearly not a hotel. We turned around, and high-tailed it outta there. We regrouped at the local pub and found a hotel apartment close to the tube and right by Kensington Gardens. Fab!

So 5 hours after leaving our car at the airport, we set our bags down in our tiny but functional apartment. It has a comfy bed, a kitchen, a dining table – everything we need to be happy.

We didn’t stay in the apartment for long – we had a city to explore! First stop was the local curry house for some sustainence. Satisfied, we headed down to Regent St to visit the glorious Apple Store, and then wandered down Regent to Piccadilly Cirus. It was bustling with people, and fancy shops.

We finished our day with a coffee at the Starbucks by the hotel, and then retired to plan our next few days. It’s going to be fun!

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