The verdict…

I’ve had my Apple watch for a week. It’s not going to surprise anyone to know that I love it.

It doesn’t really do much except sit on my wrist – it’s not the workhorse that my MacBookPro is, or the diligent-always-there presence of my iPhone, but it definitely has it’s place in my iWorld.

The features I love the most:

  • The watch function – I like being able to see the time at a glance.
  • The activity functions – it counts my steps, my exercise, my heartbeat, and encourages me to stand and move around every hour. I like being able to track that stuff.
  • Messaging – I love love love being able to respond to texts and FB messages – it’s a great triage tool for the zillions of messages I get every day.
  • Phone calls – Making and receiving phone calls is much better than I thought it would be!
  • Remote – it acts as a remote for the┬ámusic on my phone and for our AppleTVs.

For me, the killer feature is simply that it acts as a go-between with me and my phone, which means I pull it out less often.

It’s a toy, and it’s not something I need, but I certainly love having it.