Day 2: Singapore – London – Wareham

The second flight was longer – 13 hours 40 minutes – so I aimed to have a couple of naps on this one. Still got heaps of movie-watching done too.

We stopped for coffee and snacks at Heathrow after a veeeeery long queue at immigration, then picked up the rental car. We got an upgrade from a Ford Focus to a Mercedes something something, nice. Weird thing is though, the headrests are missing.

It took us a couple of go-rounds to figure out how to get on the M3 so we didn’t get to our B&B in Wareham until about 9.30pm. I was wide awake at this point, so we did some planning and called Arlia for her birthday then eventually got some sleep. Somehow we were in single beds, but I don’t think either of us cared – it was just good to lie down for a bit!



Day 1: Christchurch – Singapore

The first leg was not bad – only 10 hours 30 minutes. There were a tonne of movies to watch, so we stayed awake for the whole first flight.

Arriving in Singapore was a bit of a climate shock – it was 33c at 4.30pm. Customs and airport transfers all went very smoothly. Changi is such an easy airport to get in and out of. I’m glad we decided to stop over for a night. We went for a walk when we got into town, had some dinner and then crashed.