27. A photo of myself today, and a description of how my day was

Here are two photos – pre and post gym workout. That’s the RPM instructor in the background.

And here is how my day unfolded…

I woke up at 7.30am, got up at 8.30am, had a delicious pancake breakfast then settled in for some hockey admin and TV watching – Netflix FTW!

At about 12pm, I had a shower and then did some organising for camping tomorrow and some other tidying things. The cleaner was due at 2pm, so we wandered off down to Re:Start Mall for some lunch – dumplings for me and pizza for Stephen.

We came back to a delightfully clean house, watched some more TV, and then I went to the gym, to the supermarket and home for dinner.

And now I am sitting with my feet up watching more TV.

It’s been a perfect combo day.