Day 2: Singapore – London – Wareham

The second flight was longer – 13 hours 40 minutes – so I aimed to have a couple of naps on this one. Still got heaps of movie-watching done too.

We stopped for coffee and snacks at Heathrow after a veeeeery long queue at immigration, then picked up the rental car. We got an upgrade from a Ford Focus to a Mercedes something something, nice. Weird thing is though, the headrests are missing.

It took us a couple of go-rounds to figure out how to get on the M3 so we didn’t get to our B&B in Wareham until about 9.30pm. I was wide awake at this point, so we did some planning and called Arlia for her birthday then eventually got some sleep. Somehow we were in single beds, but I don’t think either of us cared – it was just good to lie down for a bit!