Day 18: Geneva I

It turns out that Switzerland is quite an expensive country – I guess they have high wages, so the cost of everything is higher here – food is OMG expensive! So we decided to make the most of our $40 hotel breakfasts, and ate as much as we could before setting off for the day.

First stop, the Relay shop for a power adapter, and then Starbucks where they were happy for us to plug in for a while…

Our buddy the power board
Our buddy the power board
Our adapter has an adapter (Swiss to European, European to NZ)
Our adapter has an adapter (Swiss to European, European to NZ)

Today we decided to take a walking tour of the old city of Geneva – you can download an app that has city walking tours and this one was really good. We took in the sights of the old city, including a very interesting history relating to the reformation.

As a sociologist, the Protestant Reformation is something I studied and then taught at university, so it was very cool to be in the city where it was so important. There is a huge monument in the city garden that commemorates the 400th anniversary of the movement in Geneva.

Calvin, Farel, Beze and Knox (our Knox Church is named for him)
Calvin, Farel, Beze and Knox (our Knox Church is named for him)

The city tour had us meander through the old city, giving us great information about the buildings along the way. We took in the second longest seat in the world (the first longest is in Britain).

It's a pretty long seat
It’s a pretty long seat

We stopped the tour when we got to St Peter’s Cathedral. This church was originally Catholic (built from 1160 to 1252), and was made into a protestant church during the reformation – John Calvin preached here! We were planning on having a look through the museum and archaeological site (underneath the church) but decided to have a wander down to the lake and find a bus home instead. After a while, museums can be somewhat samey, even when they are interesting.

That's a bloody big front door! At St Peter's Cathedral
That’s a bloody big front door!
At St Peter’s Cathedral

I hadn’t really noticed before, but all of the shops were closed in the main shopping area by the lake – it’s the law that they be closed on Sunday. Only small cafes and main tourist venues are allowed to be open. Good job too, at least everyone gets a day off! So we jumped on a bus with our free ticket (complimentary from the hotel, gives us free travel on buses, trains, trams and boats) and went back to the hotel to recharge.

Our recharge eventually turned into staying in for the evening. We had dinner in the hotel restaurant, and then passed a very pleasant (slightly tense) hour-and-a-half at the bar watching the ABs beat the Pumas with some Australians and French. I think the French guys were cheering for the Pumas, but not very loudly!